The West’s Most Western Town?

In the early 1900’s, Scottsdale really was as far west as anyone would go in Arizona… But a lot has changed in the last 100 years. Scottsdale has not only grown, it has evolved. 


Back in 1950, when Scottsdale was officially coined “The West’s Most Western Town”, DC Ranch was 44,000 acres run by cowboys and cattle drives. To give you an idea of the ‘


evolution’ Scottsdale experienced – DC Ranch is now a private golf and residential community complete with gates, guards, and a level of luxury that would shock any cowboy.


The question now is, is Scottsdale actually the west’s most western town? With all the new high-dollar shopping, growing urban infrastructure, nationally-ranked golf clubs, and luxury residential communities… Many locals are pushing for recognition of these developments.



Below is a link to an article by AZ Central which discusses one way locals are looking to recognize Scottsdale new personality. or click HERE